Full entries for all disciplines at the 2024 USATF NYC Grand Prix can be found by clicking here.

Sat., June 8 - Free to the public

 5:00PM    Women's Discus Throw
 5:00PM    Men's Discus Throw
 7:00PM    Women's Hammer Throw
 7:00PM    Men's Hammer Throw


Sun., June 9

 11:19AM    Girls' 9-10 200m 
 11:22AM    Boys' 9-10 200m
 11:25AM    Girls' 11-12 200m   
 11:28AM    Boys' 11-12 200m
 11:31AM     Girls' 11-12 400m
 11:34AM    Boys' 11-12 400m
 11:37AM    Girls' 13-14 400m
 11:40AM    Boys' 13-14 400m
 11:45AM     Girls' 15-18 4x200m Relay
 11:51AM    Boys' 15-18 4x200m Relay
 12:00PM    Men's Triple Jump
 12:00PM    Women's High Jump 
 12:00PM    Men's Javelin Throw
 12:00PM    Women's Javelin Throw
 12:06PM    Girls' 13-14 800m
 12:11PM    Boys' 13-14 800m
 12:16PM    Girls' 13-14 100m
 12:19PM    Boys' 13-14 100m
 12:22PM    Girls 11-12 100m
 12:25PM    Boys' 11-12 100m
 12:28PM    Girls' 9-10 100m
 12:31PM    Boys' 9-10 100m
 12:34PM    Girls' 15-18 100m
 12:37PM    Boy' 15-18 100m 
 12:42PM    Fastest Girl in New York
 12:45PM    Fastest Boy in New York
 1:10PM    Masters Women's 100m
 1:20PM    Masters Men's 100m
 1:33PM    Men's 1500m
 1:45PM    Men's Long Jump
 1:45PM     Women's Long Jump
 1:50PM    Women's Shot Put
 1:53PM    Women's 800m
 1:55PM    Men's High Jump
 2:03PM    Women's 100m
 2:12PM    Women's 100m Hurdles
 2:21PM    Men's 110m Hurdles 
 2:29PM    Men's 400m
 2:39PM    Men's 100m
 2:53PM    Men's 800m
 3:03PM    Women's 400m
 3:13PM    Women's 200m
3:22PM    Men's 200m

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